549283_10150782119950729_633082319_n.jpgWhile 8 Lives Spent officially came to an end in September 2013, this site will remain live indefinitely for anyone wishing to find information, download music, photos etc.  Additionally, all 8 Lives Spent digital download sites will remain active and can be found on the discography section of this site.

545752_10150782119625729_983408990_n.jpgWhile the band will always hold a very sentimental spot in our hearts, the reality is that all good things eventually come to an end.  While bittersweet, we have to now look back at what was accomplished, cherish the people we’ve met, and smile at the hilarious moments.

548464_10150782115270729_420588097_n.jpgDuring our six years together there are many good times too numerous to list.  Also too numerous to list are the many people that helped us achieve what we did.  While that list can go into the hundreds, there are a few names that truly stand out, and we’d like to take the time to recognize these folks.  First, to the entire staff at Strasburg Theater; thank you for not only giving us our first opportunity to hit a stage, but we also thank you for the years of friendship that developed from that relationship.  Speaking of which, hats of to Brian Mullins who was always there and continued to be a part of the band even after the theater 543224_10150782119985729_499812984_n.jpgclosed.   To Billy Spencer for unselfishly overseeing our first CD, “Self-Inflicted Wounds”.  Billy spent multiple hours on that project, many times working late into the night.  To 15841_216005420728_4900335_n.jpgguitarist Michael Fath who always had that word of advice.  To all of the great people of Romney for having us for four consecutive years at the Hampshire Heritage Fest.  To Ron Baker who put us into regular rotation back in the day of 104.9/105.5. To Binks Binkster for always being there to heat us up with his incredible light show.  To Swede of FatCat Radio for being such a loyal fan and supporter. To all of the local hardcore fans that always turned out for our events.  Last, and certainly not least, a big thanks to our wives that allowed us to be little boys.

Once again, the ride was great and with that, this site will remain indefinitely.  Please feel free to download any photo you like.



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